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Protefix® research

Protefix® research

In all countries and cultures, medical progress and the improvement of social conditions especially in the area of oral hygiene, prophylaxis and the provision of dentures, have a high priority.

Queisser Pharma can look back on more than fifty years of experience in the area of medical healthcare in connection with dentures. With the development of the Protefix product range, Queisser has also developed adhesive range for difficult jaw conditions that require an especially good fit of dentures on the upper and lower jaw. The dedicated efforts of the Protefix R&D department have resulted in broad range of products that not without reason are repeatedly used in dental practices and recommended to their patients.

The classic product among the adhesive range is the Protefix Adhesive Powder, which along with the Adhesive Cream forms the most important adhesive for dentures. The cream is offered in three different versions: Protefix Adhesive Cream Extra-StrongProtefix Adhesive Cream with Aloe Vera and Protefix Adhesive Cream Mint. All four products are characterized by one special property, the unique Protefix wet-adhesive power.

On the German market is Queisser Pharma's range of sadhesive cushions without competition. These soft Protefix Adhesive Cushions are used to pad out dentures from beneath and thus help prevent pressure pain and spots, for example people with problematic jaw conditions or for interim dentures.

Because of its sufficient active oxygen the Active Cleanser cleans the denture independently, thoroughly and quickly without attaking the denture material. Here again is proof of the dedicated direction of Queisser's Protefix R&D efforts: a clear and devoted orientation to the needs of the customer as a standard for Queisser's innovative product development activities.

This is why we keep in close contact with the users of our products - after all, these are the only people who can give a true and authentic assessment of the quality of our products.