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Pressure spots and inflammations

It takes some time until the denture fits itself in the mucosa. Quite often it happens that patients suffer from pressure spots and inflammations. If they become serious and remain untreated, this may lead to irritations and abnormal growth of the mucosa (excrescence). These have to be removed by the dentist, as they automatically make the firm seat of the denture impossible.

An excellent fit also helps to prevent the denture from causing pressure spots. The better the peripheral seal, the less it is possible for food residues to get underneath the denture. Already the smallest piece may cause spots and inflammations. 

If the peripheral seal begins to fail, the use of a modern adhesive cream can help by improving the hold and at the same time firmly sealing the edge of the denture. In spite of this you should always consult your dentist first, if you are having trouble with the fit of your dentures.