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Protefix® Adhesive Cream Mint

Medicine with fourfold effect
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Protefix® Adhesive Cream Mint
  • Extra-strong and effective on wet denture
  • Extra mint flavour for a long-lasting feeling of mintness
  • an effective peripheral seal helps to prevent food residues getting underneath the denture;
Available online and in your local pharmacy.
EAN: 4009932532081
Available online and in your local pharmacy.
Wish list

Time-proven formulation: without zinc. Also suitable for partial dentures.

Protefix® Adhesive Cream Mint meets the requirements for a denture adhesive that combines the benefits of long-lasting adhesive power with a mint flavour:
On the one hand its wet-adhesive power ensures a secure fit of the dentures, and on the other the specially selected mintness aromas ensures a pleasant feeling in the mouth and mint breath.

Protefix® Adhesive Cream Mint with fourfold effect

  • Mint: Extra mint flavour for pleasant breath and long-lasting feeling of mintness.
  • Effective on wet denture: can be directly applied onto the moist denture.
  • Extra-Strong: the long-lasting effect gives the user confidence and independexce wether eating, drinking or laughing.
  • Lasting: an effective peripheral seal helps to prevent food residues getting underneath the denture; the cushion effect enhances the weraing comfort.
Application & Composition

Carboxymethylcellulose, carbomer, paraffin, vaseline, silica,  wax, peppermint oil, spearmint oil, menthyl lactate, peppermint dry extract, azorubin, methyl-4-hydroxybenzoate.


Adhesive cream for application on dentures.

Dosage and mode of application
Daily dosage: up to 0.8 g Adhesive Cream. Clean the dentures of any residue and dab Protefix® Adhesive Cream Mint on the wet denture (in the upper or lower denture recess that goes next to the jaw). If necessary,
you may also apply a line of Protefix® Adhesive Cream Mint to the back of the upper plate. Then fit the denture and hold it firmly in place for a few seconds. To be used only on healthy mucous membranes. Wait 5 minutes
before eating. You should apply Protefix® Adhesive Cream Mint sparingly because any excess can impair the adhesion of your denture.The use of Adhesive Cream should only be temporary. Have the fit of your dentures checked at regular intervals.

Hypersensitivity to one of the ingredients.

Side effects
In isolated cases, hypersensitivity reactions in the mucous membranes of the mouth or even systemically
cannot be ruled out. If you suspect the presence of a hypersensitivity reaction, please contact your dentist."

Please note the following important advice:
  • If you notive two phases in the product, shake and knead the tube before using.
  • After applying the cream, seal the tube carefully, taking care to ensure that the opening remains dry and clean because any ingress of liquid may cause the adhesive cream to harden.
  • Remove any residue of adhesive cream with a cotton-wool ball soaked in edible oil.
  • Keep out of reach of children!
  • Do not use after the expiry date.