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Protefix® Adhesive Powder

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Protefix® Adhesive Powder
  • time-proven adhesive and effective on wet denture
  • ideal for mild adhesion problems and thin saliva
  • excellently suited for sensitive mucosa
Available online and in your local pharmacy.
EAN: 4009932512120
Available online and in your local pharmacy.
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The time-proven adhesive is ideal for mild adhesion problems and thin saliva.

Protefix® Adhesive Powder is simply sprinkled on the moist dentures and ensures a secure and long-lasting adhesion immediately after the dentures have been fitted.

Odourless and tasteless Protefix® Adhesive Powder made from natural sodium alginate is excellently suited for sensitive mucosa.

Application & Composition

sodium alginate


Adhesive Powder for dentures.

Dosage and mode of application
Sprinkle Protefix® Adhesive Powder Extra-Strong thinly and uniformly onto the wet denture. The denture fits securely immediately after being put into position and remains so for
hour after hour. In case of the premature loosening of the dentures (because of drinking large quantities of
liquid, for example), simply sprinkle on a little more Protefix® Adhesive Powder Extra-Strong. Your denture
will then fit securely again. Any residue of powder can be removed easily from the denture under running
water with the help of a toothbrush. Stubborn residue can be removed with a cotton-wool ball soaked in
edible oil. To prevent excess powder from escaping, please do not squeeze container.

Hold at an angle and
tap gently with the index finger. This will give the correct amount. This can harden by applying too much adhesive powder, which may increase the irsk of damage your mucosa.

Hypersensitivity to the ingredient

Side effects
Isolated cases of hypersensitivity reactions in the mucous membranes of the mouth and even systemically have been observed. If you suspect the presence of a hypersensitivity reaction, please contact your dentist.

Please note the following important advice:
  • The use of Protefix® adhesive powder should only be temporary. A persistently poor adhesion of the dentures without adhesive powder may indicate an impaired fit and function of the dentures. In this case, please contact your dentist.
  • To be used only on healthy mucous membranes. Please clarify this with your dentist.
  • Do not use after the expiry date.
  • Keep out of reach of children!