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What kind of dentures are there?

Apart from the complete dentures, fitted when there are no natural teeth existing any more, there are different partial dentures as tooth replacement. They differ from each other in their various technical features and materials.

The interim denture is a special case. It is the temporary denture fitted immediately after extraction of the teeth. It serves to bridge the gap until the permanent denture is fitted. The main difference is the material they are made of: The interim denture is much softer than the final one.

During the healing process the interim denture loses its initial firm seat due to changes which take place in the jaws following the operation. The jaw ridge visibly changes its shape and the spaces between denture and jaw become larger quickly. In this case the natural adhesion-forces do not work. Secure retention is not possible anymore.

Special cushions can fill this spaces. Especially the unique Protefix Adhesive Cushions have proven themselves by giving flexible help at the regenerative changes.