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Protefix Adhesive Cream Extra Strong
Protefix Protefix Adhesive Cream Extra Strong
  • Extra strong with effect on wet denture
  • Extra strong with long-lasting effect. Gives the user confidence and independence
  • an effective peripheral seal helps to prevent food residues getting underneath the denture
Protefix® Active Cleanser
Protefix Protefix® Active Cleanser
  • It removes food remains, coffee, tea and nicotine thoroughly
  • It has a deodorising effect.
  • Self-active cleansing within 15 minutes.
Protefix® Adhesive Cream Mint
Protefix Protefix® Adhesive Cream Mint
  • Extra-strong and effective on wet denture
  • Extra mint flavour for a long-lasting feeling of mintness
  • an effective peripheral seal helps to prevent food residues getting underneath the denture;
Protefix® Adhesive Cream with Aloe Vera
Protefix Protefix® Adhesive Cream with Aloe Vera
  • with natural caring complex aloe vera
  • extra-strong with long-lasting effect
  • directly applied onto the moist denture
Protefix® Adhesive Cushions
Protefix Protefix® Adhesive Cushions
  • effective protection against pressure spots and inflammation
  • approved for difficult state of the jaw or major adhesion problems
Protefix® Adhesive Powder
Protefix Protefix® Adhesive Powder
  • time-proven adhesive and effective on wet denture
  • ideal for mild adhesion problems and thin saliva
  • excellently suited for sensitive mucosa
All products

Protefix® product range for denture wearers

Protefix® offers perfect solutions for a carefree life as denture wearer

Protefix® Adhesive Creams are a special development of the Protefix® Research Department for both difficult adhesion conditions and increased saliva flow. All adhesive creams are very effective on a wet denture and can be directly applied onto the moist denture for confidence and wearing comfort the whole day. The cream is offered in four different versions for individual demands:

Protefix® Adhesive Cream Extra-Strong
The classic product with extra-strong hold on wet denture. The cream is activated immediately and gives the wearer confidence and wearing comfort for the whole day. Also suited for partial dentures.

Protefix® Adhesive Cream with Aloe Vera
The cream combines the extra-strong wet-adhesive power with the natural caring complex of aloe vera. Gives the wearer confidence for the whole day and has a mild and pleasant caring effect on the mucosa.

Protefix® Adhesive Cream Neutral
This special adhesive cream with wet-adhesive power is free from colors and artificial flavors, as well as odourless and tasteless. Does not lead to any unpleasant changes in the flavour of food and drinks. It is suitable for people with allergies and homeopathically compatible.

Protefix® Adhesive Cream Mint
An ideal combination: A safe denture retention thanks to wet-adhesive power combined with specially selected mint aromas ensures a pleasant feeling in the mouth and minty breath for the whole day.

Protefix® Adhesive Cushions
For specific problems in the interim period, Protefix® Adhesive Cushions for lower and upper dentures are recommended. The fine, palate-gentle fleece tissue contains sodium alginate, which after a short moistening enhances the adhesive power. The cushions then provide effective protection against pressure spots and inflammation.
Besides the role they play in connection with interim dentures, these cushions have also proven invaluable regarding severe jaw degeneration – especially in degeneration of the lower jaw – when the jaw is very narrow or strongly flattened.

Protefix® Adhesive Powder
The time-proven adhesive with wet-adhesive power is ideal for mild adhesion problems and thin saliva. It is simply sprinkled on the moist dentures and ensures a secure and long-lasting adhesion immediately after the dentures have been fitted. Odourless and tasteless Protefix® Adhesive Powder made from natural sodium alginate is excellently suited for sensitive mucosa.

Protefix® Protect Gel
Strong protection against aphta, pressure points of dentures, inlammations of the mucous membrane and braces. 
Protefix® Protect Gel contains Glycerol-oxide-triester (“T.G.O”), which develops a protecting film that adheres even to moist mucosa. This protects the wound of outer chemical influences and mechanical pressure of the dentures or bracket. It eases the pain and advances the wound healing as well as the renewal of the cellular tissues. 
Protefix® Protect Gel helps you get used to wearing your new dentures or bracket. Does not contain alcohol. Suitable for children.